Commercial Vacuum Cleaners and Floor Grinders

Maxkpa was founded in 2008 and has become one of the top manufacturers of high-quality commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners and floor grinders and polishers. Our professionals continue to create and sell more ergonomic floor machines with high-tech grinding disc brands. Driven by providing outstanding core values, Maxkpa focuses on developing manual floor grinding and high-tech machine innovation.

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Latest Maxkpa Industrial Cleaning Products

MT-5 Single Phase Double Barrel Industrial Dust Extractor

Single Phase Double Barrel Industrial Dust Extractor

Double filtering, equipped with imported polyester fiber membrane filter buckets as standard. It is suitable for working conditions that...

FB Series Three Phase Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaner for...

Mini floor scrubber

Restaurants, hotels, shopping malls: flexible and convenient, use at any time, that is, suck and dry, reducing the risk of customers slipping; the true meaning of cleanliness, providing customers with a healthy and elegant environment.

Single Phase Three Motors Industrial Vacuum Cleaner CJ98

Single Phase Three Motors Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

The Maxkpa CJ98 single-phase three-motor industrial vacuum cleaner is suitable for various working conditions, including warehouses,...


Latest MaxkpaVac News

Causes and Treatments of Uneven Ground


The flatness of the ground is very important in daily work and life. If the ground is uneven, one high and one low, or potholes, this will...

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How to Construct Emery Solidified Floor?


By using a floor grinder, the emery floor is composed of high-grade special cement, non-metallic mineral aggregate (or metallic mineral...

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What should I do if the cement floor is...


The specific steps of Maxkpa dust-free ground curing construction by concrete floor grinder and industrial vacuum cleaner.

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